Corinthians, known as the champion of the champions, is now also the São Paulo soccer superchampion. With the 2-1 victory over Palmeiras in August, 6, in the Santa Cruz Stadium in Ribeirão Preto, Corinthians conquered the 21 state title in its history and now lead the ranking between the São Paulo champions. The title has a special taste because it was conquered against its great rival and put an end to a seven years expectation - the last title had been conquered in 1988.

The exhaustive first phase of the championship was overcame without problems. Even the coach Mário Sérgio's exit didn't disturbed the tranquillity of the cast. The soccer directors gave an opportunity to the auxiliary coach Eduardo Amorim, that showed competence and the luck of the champions. In the proper moments, he knew how to dose the rhythm of the team that also disputed the Brazil's Cup. In 30 games, the team obtained 10 victories, 12 draws and 8 defeats.

In the final tournament at the second phase, Corinthians performed a show of love to shirt. Due to it, the team went undefeated toward the final games, with five victories and one draw. As the team made the best campaign during the championship, it had the right of playing for three draws (two during the usual matches time and one in the extra time).

The first battle in the finals between Corinthians and Palmeiras finished with a 1-1 draw. In the second, 1-1 again in the usual time. In the extra time, even needing only a draw to become champion, the always fighting Corinthians pressed its opponent and defeated it with a beautiful Elivelton goal. Game over, a conviction remained in all the supporters' hearts: 1995 is really the Corinthians superchampion golden year.

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