Through its 85 years history, Corinthian's nation elected and admired as myths a series of players that sweated in the shirt and showed talent, fiber and intimacy with the ball, as Cláudio Cristovão do Pinho, the eternal "Manager", that played for the club during 15 years and 509 games in the main team. With 295 goals, he is until today the recordist in the number of goals kicked with the black-white shirt.

Other name that is a synonym of goal is Teleco, baptized Uriel Fernandes, who entered in the history of the club as the striker with the best goal average at any time: 243 goals in 234 games. As good as him, Baltazar, the "Golden Little Head", collected titles and kicked 267 goals for Corinthians in the period from 1947 to 1958 Baltazar was the best header of the Brazilian soccer through the history. Gilmar dos Santos Neves defended the Corinthians goal during ten years (from 1951 to 1961) with so much class that he became the main goalkeeper of the Brazilian scratch during the unforgettable conquest of two World Cups. One of the scratch greatest stars was Roberto Rivelino, the "Atomic Kick". Called by ç r the fans the Little King of the Park", he reigned for twelve years with the shirt number ten of the club. From the same generation, the right outside defender Zé Maria, called "Super Zé", also defended Brazilian colors during World Cups and will ever be remembered as the symbol of fiber and love to the shirt.

More recently, the "Faithful" fans and even the enemies didn't resist to the Sócrates (the Doctor) magisterial talent, that leaded Corinthians to the conquest of three São Paulo championships (79, 82, 83) and made a revolution in some concepts of the modern soccer.

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