To call Corinthians the champion of the champions isn't only a poetic license permitted for Lauro D' Ávila, the author of the club hymn. In fact, Corinthians started to be considered the champion of the champions due to its own merits. In 1915 the club abandoned the Paulista League and didn't dispute the championship that year, won by Germânia At the end of the season, Corinthians challenged the champion and beat it 4-1. Challenged to face Palmeiras, champion that year in Apea (the other league that time), Corinthians accepted and didn't forgive the opponent, defeating it 3-0. A detail: the winner in the two challenges had already won the São Paulo Championship in 1914 and won after the state tournament in 1916, both without being defeated.

There are Corinthians fans that understand that the champion of the champions is a title given to the club in 1930. At that time, there wasn't a national championship, but it was normal to occur the challenge between the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo champions. In February, 16, 1930, in a dispute against Vasco da Gama, in Rio de Janeiro, Corinthians won 4-2, with Filó (2), De Maria and Gambinha goals, and brought to São Jorge Park the Champion of the Cup

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